May 31, 2017

Greenhill Chicago Investment Banking – Summer Analyst (All rounds)

The three ways to value a company? Is there a fourth way?

  • Easy, fourth way was LBO although could say Residual Income or DDM

What valuation techniques give the highest valuation?

  • Precedent transa...

May 27, 2017

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (NYC/Chicago) – Investment Banking Summer Analyst

* First Rounds and Super Day

Walk me through a Dividend Discount Model? Explain it as though you are talking to your grandmother?

  • Money today is worth more than money in the future, discou...

May 27, 2017

Marathon Chicago Investment Banking – Analyst

What are the three financial statements and how do they link together

  • Easy

Walk me through a DCF of an airline company?

  • Easy, standard DCF process

  • Can mention the difficulty of projecting the revenue generated o...

May 25, 2017

Lazard (Chicago) – Summer IB Analyst

What do you know about LBOs? Walk me through an LBO?

What are the ways you can increase returns in an LBO?

  • Reduce equity/cash contribution and increase leverage

  • Buy at low multiple, sell at high multiple

GIC (NYC, Singapore)...

May 24, 2017

J.P. Morgan (NYC) – Investment Banking Summer Analyst

* First Rounds and Super Day

Pitch me a stock

  • Know the multiples, margins, why you think the market might be wrong, % potential upside?

  1. Walk me through a DCF for the stock?

  2. How would oil affect your home...

May 23, 2017

Interested in working in a top tier investment bank? You have to go through difficult questions, especially technical ones! Here is an exclusive A+ level question made for you by the GoFurther team! Enjoy!

Question: Company X raises a $100mm note to buy $100mm of anothe...

May 6, 2017

NYU is known to have a strong arts program.  We have helped numerous students get in NYU and would love to help you get as well.

Please find an attached sample paragraph for your reference. Happy reading!

While I was an exchange student in Leicester, United Kingdom, it w...

May 5, 2017

Do you watch game of Thrones? If you do, did you know that George R.R, Martin attended Medill? We can help you get in - for more information, please visit!

Here is an excerpt from a sample successful essay:

Cases of industrialization creating wealth...

May 5, 2017

Need help with technical finance writing? We have your back! 

Please see below for a sample paragraph in a successful essay to Berkeley's MFE program.

To become fully successful out of a MFE program, innovation is surely to be one of the hallmarks of successful financial...

May 4, 2017

Here is an essay that helped me get in Emory's Goizueta MBA program:

I am passionate about…

Cooking! I have taken over 80 hours of cooking classes at the San Francisco Cooking School. I love cooking and experimenting with different foods and culinary styles including tra...

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