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Sweet Endings - How to leave your audience in AWE!

Ever wonder what it takes to leave your audience thinking "WOW" after reading your essay? Here are a few successful examples

Panache in Ballet

Dancers always make dancing on stage looks so effortless. However, behind the scenes, it actually takes years of painstaking practice to do a perfect pirouette and arabesque. Every girl wants to put on pointe shoes and pink tutus but not everyone can make it through the pain and hardships. My ballet experiences have shaped my personality and made me who I am, a determined, confident, and dedicated woman ready to tackle any challenge.

Chinese Caligraphy

The Chinese word for crisis, “WeiJi” in pinyin, is composed of two characters—danger and opportunity. While the threat of environmental depletion is a possibility, it also presents the business opportunities that can drive wealth creation. I believe that back home, where my country’s president makes outrageous claims on not honoring the “stupid” UN climate-deal, there is an obligation for businesses to catalyze sustainability practices and show Filipinos that there does not necessarily have to be a tradeoff between sustainability and industrialization. I will use my X-School education to help my countrymen transcend beyond the conventional myopic mindset and further my long-term goal of using businesses as a catalyst for implementing sustainability.

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