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Success Stories: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Lally School of Business!

RPI is not a first-choice school but hey, at least it is near New York! This means as far as business goes, there will still be numerous opportunities to land a top-paying job that is challenging and rewarding.

Essay excerpt attached:

Having intensively studied business related courses during my undergraduate years, I developed a solid foundation in corporate finance, and my internship experiences made me further adept at navigating the business world. Working with renowned companies such as Capgemini and Michelin cultivated in me a sense of professionalism and a rigorous work ethic. Collaborating with non-government organizations in Paris trained me to solve more detailed and practical problems, within resource constraints, with persistence and patience. To make up for my non-quantitative background, I self studied SAS, R and other necessary skills for risk analysis. To translate this into practical applications, I am taking on work as a credit risk intern in CITIC Securities. I have passed the FRM Level 1 examination, and as a result possess a comprehensive understanding of financial risk management.

To be continued! Send us an email at for the full essay!

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