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Success Stories: Imperial College Masters Program!

Want to become more "bourgeois?" Why not travel to the UK for school? Read the excerpt below to see what it takes to get into Imperial College - one of the best schools in the UK!

The slogan of Nestlé is “Good Food, Good Life”—a message that represents the pinnacle of a world-class marketing strategy and appeals to that basic need of the general populace. My experiences at Nestlé, in addition to my studies at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE), have opened my eyes to the dynamism and beauty of marketing. I found that marketing combined my strengths in business analytics and love for digital media. The chance to continue my journey into marketing at Imperial College London is my ultimate goal, and I seek to contribute to and benefit from the rigorous marketing coursework. An MSc Strategic Marketing from Imperial will complement my various internship experiences and allow me to pursue my long-term plan of becoming a digital marketing consultant in a multinational food company.

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