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Message from our Founders

We believe that with the correct strategy, right mindset, and guided motivation, anyone can break into finance. Recruiting as a college student was a very stressful situation for us. Despite having benefited from peer mentorship ourselves, it was not until our experiences as mentors that we found out how much of an impact one could have on others. We loved working with mentees one-on-one, helping them prepare for technical questions, and refining their story persistently. When our mentees called us and updated us on superday invites and offers they would be really excited, and that in turn made us excited and happy. We really felt that their achievements were our own achievements and seeing the peer mentorship process payoff is the main reason we started GoFurther to help college students land their dream jobs.

- Sean, Anthony, and Jorge

Finance and Consulting Team
Engineering, Sciences, and Social Sciences Team
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