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Testimonials from our clients

Hong | Goldman Sachs Trading Summer Analyst, HK

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business 

"The GoFurther team is excellent. They have the best qualifications in the market and are familiar with the entire recruiting process. My mentors were experts with technical and non-technical aspects of finance interviews. They have all the key resources and offer exceptional service. My mentor worked full-time in investment banking, but he always made the time for me. Working with GoFurther has made me fully aware of the advantages of having a mentor, especially one in a position you want to be. My experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one and I am both excited and honored that the team has asked me to help replicate my success with the next class of finance professionals."

HS | Barclays Investment Banking Summer Analyst, NY

NYU Stern School of Business

"One thing I really appreciated about the GoFurther team was that I was able to ask them anything. Like literally anything, including topics traditionally considered “taboo” to ask while networking with professionals, such as career/salary progression, the actual day-to-day duties as an analyst, and most annoying things interviewees / incoming summer interns do – and they would respond candidly without embellishing their answers (ex. oh my goodness, I really worked like 120 hours like every single week!!) Lastly and most importantly, the GoFurther team keeps in touch with you going forward – they don’t just cut ties with you after they offer you a specific service. In that sense, interacting with the GoFurther team felt less like a standard business transaction and more like joining a family of professionals who you can ask anything, anytime and who always got your back going forward."

Jason | Ernst and Young Financial Services Advisory Summer Analyst, SF USC Viterbi School of Engineering

GoFurther does exactly what its name suggests. The GoFurther team goes above and beyond expectations in every aspect of the recruiting process. They were perfect in explaining financial theory in intuitive ways and helping me develop a strong story for my interest in financial advisory. As an engineering major, knowing the ins and outs of the recruiting process, the timelines, and the A+ answers to technical questions was especially useful. GoFurther definitely helped me secure multiple offers including one at EY in San Francisco. Looking back, I wish I had known about them sooner!

Aaron | JP Morgan Investment Banking Summer Analyst, NY

UC Berkeley Economics

"Breaking into finance in NYC is a tough job, especially coming from a West-Coast school. This is the reason why I worked with GoFurther. I knew my applications were already strong, but they took the written and verbal components of the recruiting process to a higher level so that I could compete with top talent from all the schools. The team I worked with was supportive throughout the process and reminded me that you have to always give 110% and hustle for a top internship. I would work with the GoFurther team anytime, and would strongly one book recommend multiple sessions ahead or during the recruiting season."

Kevin | Dow Jones Venture Capital and Private Equity Summer Analyst, SF Eastern Washington University 

“Coming from a non-target school, I needed a way to differentiate myself in order to break into finance. After undergoing comprehensive research, I decided to work with GoFurther, and I know I made the right choice. The GoFurther team fully holds up to the core values they espouse – quality, focus, and speed. They gave eye-opening feedback, thoughtful responses, and insights to many interview questions. The GoFurther team significantly improved my answers to behavioral, technical, and fit questions and helped me develop a strategic recruiting plan. I am infinitely pleased with my experience and would recommend the GoFurther team to all students looking to step up their game."

Tim | PwC Transfer Pricing Summer Associate, SF

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

I scheduled multiple mock interviews with GoFurther and was always more than pleased. The interviewers were professional and were able to replicate an actual interview very well. Even more, my interviewers also took the added step of providing valuable feedback that I integrate into my interviewing to this day. GoFurther paired me with international student mentors, so I learned a lot about the visa, OPT, and H1B processes too, which are all important topics to know.  Most international students would love to work in the US, especially to recoup our expensive international tuition fees. I guarantee GoFurther is the most affordable professional service that they can get; the services the company provides are worth it. Recruiting as an international student is not easy, but GoFurther makes sure you can come out of the process with several offers.

Harry | Citigroup Investment Banking Summer Analyst, HK

UC Berkeley Statistics

"The GoFurther team was my family in the recruiting process. The team always asked about my interview updates and offered insightful tips. The team’s response rate was incredibly fast, usually within the hour. The GoFurther team is based in the US but they have a strong network in Hong Kong as well, and are very familiar with the recruiting timeline and schedule in Asia. I attribute my success in recruiting to the mentors and wonderful team at GoFurther."

Francis | Greene Holcomb Fisher Investment Banking Summer Analyst, M&A Group, GA | The University of Chicago

"GoFurther is a one of a kind organization. Their team really helped me get into my top choice internship programs. They also helped me land my desired job in my top location. Their resume services are thorough as is their interview preparation. My mentor gave quality technical and behavioral feedback and structured a recruiting plan to best fit my needs in a very timely manner. I would strongly recommend them to students who are looking for superior service at good prices."

Gustavo | Wedbush Securities Equity Research Analyst, LA

USC Vitberbi School of Engineering

My mentor at GoFurther became one of my closest friends at the end of the recruiting season. I landed a finance job because of his expertise and diligence in walking me throughout the finance interview process. I am forever grateful for the help I received. The GoFurther team paid extremely close attention to my applications, and went so far beyond what I thought I would get.

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