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Frequently asked questions

Who should hire us?
Ambitious college sophomores and juniors looking for a top internship, especially during recruiting season. Unless you already have a six-figure salary lined up, you will learn a lot from our mentors. With our guidance, even those with solid backgrounds can jump from an A- resume and skillset to A+, especially those aspiring for more technical positions (e.g. distressed-focused groups).
Why hire us?
Our mentors have experience working in client-facing roles in investment banking and/or Big 4 advisory in the US. We only select mentors who have or are pursuing a degree (Masters or Bachelors) in a top 10 business school or top 10 university. Select institutions include Stanford (Graduate School of Business), UC Berkeley (Haas School of Business), University of Chicago, and the University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business). We are fully transparent and will provide specific mentor profiles upon request.
Who will interview me?
You will be matched with one mentor but may work with more than one mentor. This is to replicate the superday interview structure where you are exposed to different styles and techniques for interviewing.
What are the steps after checking out?
Once you purchase a booking, you will receive a survey within 12 hours that asks you to fill information about your career goals. Our mentors are all busy professionals but we will guarantee an excellent match within 24 hours. Please use the booking system to indicate your preferred time, but the timeslots you choose are not final and will depend on our availabilities during the week. You will finalize times with your assigned mentor.
When do I have to schedule an interview after I purchase an order?
The timelines vary according to the package you select. Resumes and cover letters are typically fully edited within a week. We do make exceptions to extend the interview timelines as long as we are given plenty of notice ahead of time. Please see the Pricing page for the exact timelines.
What kind of interviews will I be receiving?
We offer technical, behavioral, and fit interviews. If you would like to focus on one of these categories, we are more than happy to accommodate your request. Our mentors will spend extra time with you on your first session to discuss your recruiting goals and develop a strategy to maximize your time with us.
What forms of media do you conduct the interviews over?
We conduct our interviews over Skype or Phone.
What if I want to be a mentor?
We are open to work with new mentors. For inquiries, please email
What if I do not have a Paypal account?
We accept payments through credit card via Stripe. If you would prefer another method, please send us an email and we can arrange payment using Venmo.​
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