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GoFurther MBA Consulting
Most of our GoFurther MBA mentors are from top 10 US Business Schools. Select institutions include the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Columbia Business School. Our mentors are experienced in the regular and early MBA application processes, and will provide the full-service package to ensure your success for each of your target schools.
We have expertise in 1-on-1 school/career evaluation, interview preparation, resume editing, cover/motivation letter reviews, and strategic admissions planning tailored to your needs.
We offer the same packages that Veritas Prep offers but will only charge 50% of any service Veritas Prep has. For example, the 8-school package that Veritas offers is $12,500. We offer the same service for $6250 only ($781.25 value per school).  Please refer to the links below for the pricing plans of Veritas and other market leaders:
Veritas Prep (our benchmark) -
Stacy Blackman -
Stratus Prep -
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