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5 Ways NOT to Dress in an Investment Banking Interview (for Men)

In our experiences on the other side of the recruiting table (interviewing analysts for the companies we work for), here are some tips on how NOT to dress in banking and finance interviews. Remember, a major part of the interview process is to gauge your presence in front of clients and how clients might perceive you.

1. No fun-ties: Remember, this is business professional attire. Clients do not want to see a Looney Tunes Tweedy Bird or a Sesame Street Elmo on your tie. We don’t want to see them too.

2. No flairy pocket squares: You’re not interviewing for a position at a night club, so we don’t want to see a ruby red rosee in your suit front pocket.

3. Don’t wear your dad’s suit: Chances are it will not fit well (no offense to your dad). In a client facing business, we want our analysts to look professional. We don’t want to see suit wings or overly baggy pants.

4. Don’t wear the classic Hermes belt: Analysts here have to earn it. No one likes a spoiled brat.

5. Don’t wear a Rolex, cufflinks, or any egregious accessories: See our point above.

You do not need a Tom Ford or Ermenegildo Zegna suit, but you certainly do not want a cheap mix and match of a Dickies pants and a hand-me down suit. Invest in your career and invest in a proper, well-tailored suit. A decent slim fit Boss can go as low as $200 in Nordstrom Rack!

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