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5 ways on how you can balance your professional, school, and personal life

1. Join school clubs (professional and non-professional)

You might think this is one of the more obvious ones, but joining clubs on campus helps you meet new faces, take a break from studying for midterms and finals, and most importantly, have fun! Whether these clubs are professional business fraternities or non-professional cultural clubs, there will always be opportunities to establish a community and learn valuable skills at the same time.

2. Get exercise/fitness memberships

Creating work-out routines for yourself and trying to stick to it is a good way to maintain balance. Not only is it beneficial for your body in times of stress, but it also helps to keep yourself in check. Wherever you are in the US, there are lots of fitness studios like Barry’s Bootcamp and Corepower Yoga, which you can join to keep yourself in shape (bonus: go with friends!).

3. Make time for yourself

It’s always important to remember that you need rest too and that you can’t keep working without a break (because you’ll most likely burn out). Take time off in the middle of the stressful exams and recruiting periods to see friends, explore the city you’re based in, reconnect with high school classmates, and reach out to family. Even if this means spending alone time, it’s always good to let yourself recharge.

4. Have a to-do list

Writing things out helps you visualize what needs to be done and can also prevent you from forgetting the ones that are most important. I personally like having all my deadlines on my computer’s calendar and have it remind me around 2-3 days before so I have enough time to finish the task and/or know what I need to do for the upcoming week. One to-do list app that’s really popular is Todoist (available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android) - it’s really simple and helps you lay out everything you have to complete.

5. Know what you are capable of

Set expectations for yourself and always know what you can do. Never underestimate your abilities because anything’s possible with the right drive and grit! Of course, be realistic too but this doesn’t mean that you should stop yourself from trying things out whether it’s recruiting for large firms or pursuing your dream of becoming a finance or consulting professional.

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