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Success Stories: Columbia University in New York City!

Columbia is for sure one of the best if not the best school in New York. Enjoy the successful essay excerpt below and contact us to learn about how we can help!

The experience of adapting to a new environment is a process of continuous self-challenge. What I learnt is to always be active and confident, while still appreciating other people’s strengths and being tolerant of difference. A direct way of expression is not contradictory with modesty, as long as one remains respectful of others. A certain emotional expression is not incompatible with being reserved, as long as one is not prejudiced against others. I thus grew to appreciate the simple, optimistic and energetic life attitude of Europe, and even their determined defense of rights and freedom, and in the end became one of them. We paraded together to protest the ISIS’s attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris and mourned together for the unfortunate alumni shoot in the Bataclan theatre. A diversified society confused me at first, but eventually I profited from it and grew to want to contribute to it.

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