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Superhero Series: Charles Xavier's PRO Interview Tips

In college / Masters Applications, and in job interviews, there is usually a time allocated to asking interviewers questions. Here are a 3 PRO tips that will help sway the interviewer to your side!

1. Show your knowledge:

  • In a Master’s program, don’t just say – “Please tell me about some professors you would recommend.”

  • Say something like “From my research and having spoken to alumni such as Bobby, I have identified Professor X as someone I would like to conduct research with because of his unique experiences with mutant genome sequencing. I also learned that he also runs the shaving club which is a truly rare opportunity for students to bond together and learn how to get that signature polished look - nothing beats a shiny bald head!"

2. Name-drop alumni/students/coworkers who have led you to your current choice:

  • Before showing your knowledge, cite sources that lend credibility to what you say.

  • For example, “I heard from Alfonso that your job is so exciting because of the range of industries that you come across on a daily basis. As a new graduate, this opportunity to better understand contrasting business models and revenue drivers is very exciting. Alfonso spoke highly of his project at Chevron, and I wanted to ask you….”

3. Agree with them and summarize their response:

  • Do not just move on to the next question without acknowledging the interviewers response.

  • You can say something like “Yes! I totally agree with your point. It makes perfect sense that diversity and inclusion should be core focuses on your school. Having socio-economic, religious, and political diversity can help lead to greater adaptability and teamwork, and I hope to help foster this culture at your school.”

Unfortunately, not everyone gets in to the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but with these 3 tips, you might just edge out the other applicants!

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