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Success Stories: Getting the Gold! Offer from MIT Masters in Finance!

The MIT Masters in Finance (MFin) may be the best MFin program in the world! Here are a few paragraphs of a successful applicant, exclusively for you to cherish.

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Paragraph Excerpt 1:

I am ___ from ___ University. I majored in Mathematics because there I recognized strong potential in the resonance between my passion in the field, and my consistently excellent grasp of the subject. I also enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get after solving complex problems through deep thinking and mathematical analysis. However, after a year of in-depth study, I realized that I wanted to supplement the field’s often-theoretical nature with a grounding in the practical. Upon reflection, I understood that I was very attracted by the power of capital, and its involved collision of ideas, to be a lever that moves the world . I thus chose financial markets as the setting for this practical grounding, and chose economics as my second major in my sophomore year.

Paragraph Excerpt 2:

In the diverse modules that I have taken, however, it is stochastic analysis and its applications in financial engineering that excited me the most. Many other math and economics courses have previously captured my interest, but it was when I encountered the application of stochastic analysis in pricing assets and derivatives that I truly understood what it meant to be totally enchanted. Here, I saw the method’s power, and how advanced mathematics can be used in financial engineering to tackle complicated problems in pricing. The BSM formula can be derived in various ways. Despite the changes in assumptions, models can still be modified to fit the real situation. The beauty and consistency of math and finance in these courses further arouses my interest in quantitative finance.

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