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Success Stories: Get into Duke's Fuqua Business School today!

Many people may associate the Duke name with basketball, but the university actually has a top-ranked business school!

Here is a sample excerpt that was successful in helping the writer get in Fuqua:

  1. Shane Battier is my favorite basketball player. I first noticed Shane Battier because he played for Houston Rocket, the team that Yao Ming played for. Shane Battier was not a superstar, but he was a real team player. He was humble but competitive, willing to take the important responsibility of defending key players of the enemy and he made his contribution when there was a chance. He is a real annotation of Duke’s team spirit. He played 4 years for Duke and became a legend. Duke has retired his #31 jersey.

  2. I love running and am planning to run a marathon this year.

  3. I enjoy challenging myself by extreme sports like skiing and karting.

  4. As a soccer player, I enjoy creating chances for my teammate to score rather than always keep the ball and show off my abilities.

  5. I practiced Chinese kongfu when I was young.

  6. I love novels by Dan Brown, I would buy and read immediately every time he had a new publisher.

  7. My favorite scenic spot in Paris is the Seine River. It makes me feel the inheritance of humanity when walking along the river and seeing all the monuments mentioned in the history book.

  8. I love to travel and have been 13 countries from Asia to Europe.

  9. I taught a migrant rural worker with knowledge of law to defend his rights and helped them to purchase train tickets back home in Chinese New Year – a time at which tickets are extremely scarce and could only be purchase through the internet – a platform that rural workers do have an easy access to.

  10. My strong interest in social work stems from my upbringing. Both my parents worked in public service for more than 20 years working as police officer and engineer respectively.

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