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Success Stories: The Big Apple! Get into Columbia's Masters in Financial Engineering program!

Columbia's MFE program is one of the best advanced masters degrees you can get. In general, the candidates accepted into this program are better than those accepted into similar programs in Columbia's Applied Analytics (School of Professional Studies), MSOR (Engineering School), and MA in Statistics (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences).

Here is an essay excerpt for your reference:

Such academic backgrounds equip me with many lenses to interpret the real world, including through quantitative models. In February 2016, as a team leader, I participated in the MCM Mathematical Contest in Modeling. We analyzed the pattern of European refugee flows, adopting the Markov Chain for simulation, and used AHP method to obtain the ideal situation. Then we compared the reality with our model and determined viable ways to control the flow of refugees. After four days’ of analysis and coding, a report including some viable strategies in controlling the refugee flows from a mathematical view was accomplished. Furthermore, I recently assisted my professor in hosting the Seminar of Securities. After poring over the key chapters and then organizing the class to finish reading the book Mean-Variance Analysis in Portfolio Choice and Capital Markets of Harry M.Markowitz , we worked together to optimize the original VBA codes for our practical use—portfolio construction based on the historical data of Chinese stock markets. Constructing a portfolio in high-dimensions with linear constraints required simplex and CLA methods. This huge task, though challenging, enabled me to further develop my quantitative analysis and coding skills.

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