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Success Stories: Bag an $88,000 starting salary at UVA's Masters in Data Science!

Yes! You read that right! Bag a huge starting salary. Take your first steps by booking our essay service. The following is a sample paragraph of a successful applicant.

My interest in quantitative analytical thinking stems from my high school years. Several schoolmates and I created a community called the Inference Society. We met every Friday, regardless of the stressful coursework, to solve interesting mathematical puzzles such as Archimedes' Cattle Problem and every time we completed a challenge, I was filled with delight. However, I still could not help asking myself, “How can I use analytical thinking to solve real-world questions and not just math puzzles?” Therefore, I chose to study economics at the undergraduate level in order to foster my analytical mindset. I have not only enjoyed learning math courses like Calculus and Linear Algebra, but also developed my interest of quantitative analysis by learning interdisciplinary courses on mathematical economics and finance. For example, in Econometrics, I saw how economics can piece together different time series and panel data to solve the puzzle of improving society through inferential statistics.

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