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Washington University in St. Louis – Not your typical “money hungry business school”

Everyone knows education is good business. In particular, we are currently seeing the rise of many new types of Master’s programs, new certifications, executive programs, and last but not least, rising application costs!

Application fees have increased slowly but steadily, and each school seems to know and treat this fortuitous pattern as a source of income. Today, enrolling in an MBA program even requires a background check that you have to pay for. Yet, one top 20 school, Washington University in St. Louis (Olin School of Business), does not charge an application fee. While some argue that the school has introduced this initiative to tackle the problem of low application numbers, Olin's decision is still very admirable. It shows that Olin is committed to providing equal opportunities across the board of socio-economic classes.

Olin and its parent university – Washington university in St. Louis - is already well known, and has one of the most selective applicant pools, with an acceptance rate of about 30 percent. Olin has a great reputation. The school understands that at the loss of some additional fees, it can work to improve its vision to provide all interested student the chance to enroll in Olin without an additional financial burden.

Olin fares pretty well in job recruiting, particularly in finance and consulting. For more information on the school, please check out this poets and quants article.

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