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Engaging Hooks - How to capture attention straight away!

Many college and master's application committees spend no more than 20 minutes reviewing an applicant's information. To get the readers excited, here are some fantastic hooks that draw readers right into the essay:

The Ballet Dancer

When I was ten, I was the only one who could not do a split, and my teacher told me if I couldn’t perform a split, I wouldn’t be able to join the Christmas performance as it was a required move. You cannot imagine how crucial the Christmas performance is to a little girl. When I first tried to do a front split, my hands did not even reach the floor. In order to improve, I grabbed every single moment to stretch. I stretched when I was watching TV and stretched while I was studying. I even fell asleep trying to do a split once and my mum had to help me “close” my legs afterwards. It took me three months to perfect the split, right in time for the Christmas performance. The intense process that was required for me to perform the split properly, even adding two pillows between my legs to hold the front split position, taught me a lesson in persistence. I soon realized that there were more challenges to conquer, particularly in the presentation of a ballet routine.

The Pokemon Master

Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokémon TV series, was my childhood role model. Though his journey to become the world's greatest Pokémon Master was obstacle-packed, he triumphed with pertinacity and warm-heartedness despite his lack of skill and experience. Never drifting from his goal, Ash always remained loyal to his friends, family, supporters, and most of all, his Pokémon -- treating them as friends rather than possessions. By watching Ash, I have learned to follow his example: overcoming challenges through persistence, keeping faith through discipline, and leading selflessly through motivation.

The Star Wars Architect

As a young boy, I created the Star Wars universe in my room by building numerous Lego empires, allocating spaces in my room to the multitudes of Star Wars planets -- Dagobah, Tatooine, and Hoth, to name a few. My favorite part of this pastime was planning the creation of the distinct planet environments by using realistic ornaments to complement the rectangular Lego blocks. I bought Japanese bonsais to imitate the forest setting of Dagobah; I designed Tatooine using sand, pipes, and other metal scrap. I also used flattened cotton balls and instant snow powder to create the distinct icy terrain of Hoth. My passion for city design extends to school as well.

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