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Success Stories: NYU - Financial Powerhouse!

Many people associate big cities with great schools! This generalization is true for NYU!

Here is a successful essay excerpt:

My interest in system management and risk analytics stems from the rise of Fintech, particularly in peer-to-peer lending. I was shocked by the Lending Club’s lending efficiency, driven by the smart use of IT and contemporary interconnectivity that trumped the awkward procedures involved in borrowing from a physical bank. Energized by this game changer, I analyzed in my dissertation the impact of Fintech companies on banks and concluded that information technology, particularly when applied to risk control, grants these companies their core competitiveness.

My financial market class’s group project deepened my understanding of the role of IT in comprehending the relationship between risk and return. I led a group of 5, taking on the role of portfolio manager, and made an investment plan for a middle aged married lawyer who wished to buy a house in New York, Manhattan. After staying up for three consecutive nights running Monte Carlo simulations, my teammates and I finally reached the expected VaR and annual return with 16 added securities in our portfolio, and this result was the best in the class. This experience sparked my interest further, and pushed me to pursue risk management as a profession.

To be continued!

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