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Success Stories: Royal Flush! Get in UCL (University College London) Today!

UCL is one of the top schools in the UK, and is part of the "Golden Triangle Schools."

Please find below an excerpt from a successful essay to UCL:

My ideal career is in financial advisory, and I hope to be in investment and wealth management in the short-term since I love interacting closely with the markets. I would like to engage in financial advisory work to help clients by providing financial and strategic proposals to add value to their portfolio or company. Personally, I love talking with people and the work of a financial consultant will allow me to get the best of both worlds. Financial consulting through wealth and investment management are my current career goals. I desire to help my clients capitalize on market opportunities and develop financial strategies based on their risk profile. I hope to apply my own financial knowledge in the service of professional investors and high net worth individuals or large enterprises.

China’s financial market is currently in stage of innovation and development and the service sector of China has the biggest room for growth. I believe that learning finance will allow me to play a leading role in the development of the financial industry and capital markets in a new era for China. As I gain more experience as an investment manager, I hope to contribute to regional economic development in China, particularly in my hometown of Xi’an. Xi’an is one of the world’s four ancient capitals and in a long history of 100 million years, Xi’an us now feeling the benefits of innovation and economic development. I love my hometown and would like to return and contribute to its development. I see finance as the core pillar of economic development and though the scale of development of Xi’an’s financial industry has been relatively small, Xi’an’s financial health can bolstered by rapid, sustainable development. I hope to spearhead that development in the future, armed with a UCL education and network. In the long-term, I hope to accumulate enough professional and academic experiences in finance and return to China to start my own business in the wealth management and investments industry. I am confident that BU will provide a foundation to continue and expand my interests in finance—these experiences will boost success in my future career and better serve the clients I work for.​

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