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My statistical training has not been limited to only academic arenas. I had many valuable experiences as a part of the MCM competition experience, which very much inspired me to further broaden my studies in statistical knowledge. During the competition, as the leader of the whole competition team, I led in the development of a method that used Fuzzy Mathematics Method to pretreat factors hard to quantify, and then used principle component analysis to evaluate the factors influencing the water availability of New York, to give a holistic (yet empirical) prediction of the city’s future water situation. This was a fantastic experience because through it I was able to fully manifest the possibilities of systematically applying theoretical knowledge to practical problems. Furthermore, the competition invigorated me to even more desperately pursue further statistical study, as the limitations on my knowledge and available theories that I applied for the project in the competition deeply frustrated me. If I am truly to achieve my ambitions in statistics, I knew that I needed to broaden my repertoire, and I believe that CRWU Department of Mathematics and Statistics is the place to do that.

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