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Success Stories: Duke Masters at Fuqua - Quantitative Management

Duke's signature essay asks you about 25 random facts. This prompt excites us every time and we would love to help share our expertise to get you in Duke University!

  1. I am obsessed with details. When doing team projects, I am always the one checking the final format for punctuations, headings, reference and line spacing to make our project perfect.

  2. I am learning how to make stamps and I hope to finish my own stamp series of Harry Potter one day.

  3. My biggest achievement in college was to successfully propose the installation of air conditioner in dormitories by collaborating with other excellent members at student council.

  4. I love reading books and my favorite book is Gone with the wind. I aspire to be a strong and independent woman like Scarlett O’Hara.

  5. I always feel I have some artistic talent, because the clothes I made for my Barbie dolls years ago still seems fashionable nowadays.

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