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Success Stories: McGill Masters in Computer Science!

McGill is the Harvard of Canada. See what it takes to get into the school today!

My academics was not always smooth sailing - I got C and even D in my first year, yet in the end of my college, I graduated with all As, as the top 1 out of 200, in the last year. My academic obstacles have taught me that the most important thing is not natural talent – it is the belief that I can do well and my raw enthusiasm, even passion, for overcoming challenges. After graduation, I worked in SAP and then go back to school lab of Prof. Lu and worked as his research assistant. I made my chief progress on robotics there. During my experience here, I developed several algorithms, including optimized DP-SLAM (a 2D SLAM approach), RMATS (a biostatistics tool, translated from python to C, faster 400 times then the previous version), visual based neuromorphic models implemented in outdoor navigation system (Saliency based model plus machine learning to find the track and avoid collision, due to the biological efficiency, it’s performance is quite good then it’s counterpart). I love robotics and computer science, even dedicated to devote myself to this discipline, not for big fortune, and not for fame. I trust that robotics can provide multiple benefits and are the road to the future. I hope to be a pioneer in robotics in China and lead new applications of robotics into everyday life. One day, everyone will have a personal robot, just like their personal computer and cellphone, unalienable. Thus, if I can have the honor to continue my study and research in McGill, I want to devote myself to this field-robotics. There is no barrier for me to continue my study in deeper level, I have mastered both vision powered algorithms and artificial intelligence cores, plus the Robotics Specialization course offered by University of Pennsylvania.

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