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Success Stories: Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) Masters in Accounting!

Want a masters degree in accounting? WUSTL is one of the BEST places to go!

Please enjoy the successful essay excerpt below!

Whenever I danced, I was very shy and looked at the floor with no smile as I performed. My ballet teacher always told me to smile and look at the audience, but I never had the self-confidence to do so. I was very self-conscious and thought that people could easily see the deficiencies in my skills. Perhaps these were the reasons why, back then, I could only stand at the back on stage and never take up any of the leading positions. However, who doesn’t want to be Odette in Swan Lake or Aurora in Sleeping Beauty? I knew that I had to redouble my effort to stand out among all other girls. After every ordinary 2-hour lesson, I stayed in the ballet studio to practice for another 1 hour to perfect my moves. I asked for advice and comments from my teachers after every lesson. As time went by, I developed the confidence and charisma to perform on stage and was given a chance to take up a soloist role.

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