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Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, and other Finance Interview Questions | GFC Technical Interview Ser

Lazard (Chicago) – Summer IB Analyst

What do you know about LBOs? Walk me through an LBO?

What are the ways you can increase returns in an LBO?

  • Reduce equity/cash contribution and increase leverage

  • Buy at low multiple, sell at high multiple

GIC (NYC, Singapore) – Summer Analyst

  1. Pitch me a stock, walk me through your thought process?

  2. Any investment from the public or private markets that could be a great buy?

  3. In the next few years/months, where do you see yourself working?

  4. Tell me of a time where you proposed a solution that was unpopular?

GCM Grosvenor (Hedge Fund, Chicago) – Summer Intern

* First Rounds and Super Day (they don’t sponsor although they say they are an EEO employer)

Pitch me a stock? What is your thought process when looking at the stock?

What do you know about hedge funds? Why are they risky?

  • Hedge funds did not have a good year in 2014

  • Risky because of the hedging strategies employed, which can reduce returns

  • Can be prone to high market volatility

  • Large fees

How would you invest $100?

  • Reasonable: 50% in equity, 30% in bonds, 20% in alternatives (real estate, fund of funds)

  • What asset class typically has the best risk-adjusted returns?

  • Usually equities

Blackstone Finance Program (NYC) – Summer Intern

  1. What are you looking for in an internship with Blackstone?

  2. Why did you establish this student group?

  3. Talk me through one of the deals on your resume? Why did the deal turn out this way? Why did you pursue this internship?

Guggenheim Partners LLC (NYC, Santa Monica) – Investment Analyst Buy-side

  1. How have you transitioned to life in the US?

  2. Why did you choose the University of Chicago?

  3. Why Guggenheim Investments, what do you like about the rotational program?

Kresge Foundation (Michigan) – Investment Analyst

* Does not sponsor

Case study: How would you value an investment in real estate in Chicago? If we wanted to buy a building, what would you look for and how would you price it?

  • Building permit/time to acquire building?

  • What would we use the building for/purpose of the building?

  • Market comparables, how much do buildings cost in the area?

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