Investment Banking, Hedge Funds, and other Finance Interview Questions | GFC Technical Interview Ser

Lazard (Chicago) – Summer IB Analyst

What do you know about LBOs? Walk me through an LBO?

What are the ways you can increase returns in an LBO?

  • Reduce equity/cash contribution and increase leverage

  • Buy at low multiple, sell at high multiple

GIC (NYC, Singapore) – Summer Analyst

  1. Pitch me a stock, walk me through your thought process?

  2. Any investment from the public or private markets that could be a great buy?

  3. In the next few years/months, where do you see yourself working?

  4. Tell me of a time where you proposed a solution that was unpopular?

GCM Grosvenor (Hedge Fund, Chicago) – Summer Intern

* First Rounds and Super Day (they don’t sponsor although they say they are an EEO employer)

Pitch me a stock? What is your thought process when looking at the stock?

What do you know about hedge funds? Why are they risky?

  • Hedge funds did not have a good year in 2014

  • Risky because of the hedging strategies employed, which can reduce returns

  • Can be prone to high market volatility

  • Large fees

How would you invest $100?

  • Reasonable: 50% in equity, 30% in bonds, 20% in alternatives (real estate, fund of funds)

  • What asset class typically has the best risk-adjusted returns?