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Success Stories: Duke MMS: Foundations of Business!

Want to get into a top-tier masters program straight from college? Duke offers one of the only MMS programs in the country! An MMS (Master of Management Studies) is definitely not the same as an MBA, but an MMS can still help repackage a college student into a more marketable business professional.

Here is a past successful essay for your reference:

As an undergraduate, I had the chance to work in a Chinese bank in Luxembourg where I was given a project from the China head office to complete the internal credit rating for 31 clients under Chinese regulations. This experience was international, and I had to deal with foreign employees who did not under understand the Chinese banking and regulatory system, especially since they could not speak Chinese and were also not familiar with the workings of the credit rating system. However, my previous experience in the investment banking division of a China industrial bank gave me tremendous exposure to the system and allowed me to become the employee’s guide. I led a group of 4—one analyst in the corporate department, one analyst in the IT department, and two interns in the risk department—to do the job and provide training to answer their questions with coordination from the head office. I helped delegate the work and set deadlines to enhance efficiency and ensure that the projects were on track. Our team finished the project within one week, the fastest among all overseas branches. I hope to contribute these exciting experiences to Duke and lend my knowledge of Chinese banking and financial regulations to those interested in learning the intricacies of the system. My experience working with a multinational team of people with diverse backgrounds will extend to the classes I take at Duke. The work I did assisting rural workers and participating in agricultural research can add to the organizations at Duke and provide an opportunity for Duke students to learn about that type of work in China.

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