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San Francisco RBC Capital Markets - Summer Analyst (Investment Banking) | GoFurther Technical Interv

San Francisco RBC Capital Markets - Summer Analyst

  1. Tell me about yourself.

  2. Why IB?

  3. Client facing work? Analysts do BO stuff. Tell me what you think about the experience now.

  4. Can you work hard?

  5. What can you offer RBC?

  6. Any RBC deals?

  7. Can you give me specific multiples about these deals?

  8. Do you follow the markets?

  • Briefly, not too specific but know high level trends

Additional questions for various RBC rounds

Industry news?

  • Cloud storage, Dropbox, Textura, depends on technological infrastructure, Cloud OS – chromebooks and Microsoft – will take a while before this new business model is feasible

Is it feasible?

  • Probably not in the near future

Link financial statements?

  • Easy

Company issues debt to buy back its own stock. Tell me what changes in the 3 financial statements.

  • Balance sheet LT debt increases and stock decreases

  • In CFS – CFF – add cash from debt and then subtract cash that was used to buy equity

What are the main valuation methods?

  • Relative - public comps, precedent transactions, and dcf (intrinsic)

  • Also other methods such as liquidation and sum of the parts

Higher Comps or Precedent transactions?

  • Really depends on your assumptions

  • Stock market very emotional so if company stock is trading at all-time high maybe comps will be inflated

  • Precedent usually higher because of control premium, but really depends

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