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Blackford Capital (Michigan) – Private Equity Summer Analyst | GFC Technical Interview Series

Blackford Capital (Michigan) – Private Equity Summer Analyst

What are the essential factors companies look for in a PE acquisition?

- Stable cash flows

- management capacity

- debt levels

- EBITDA criteria

- Historical transaction multiple for the industry (need to acknowledge if this is a middle market or not)

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • Strengths: Multinational, attention to detail, communicative

  • Weaknesses: Sometimes make hasty decisions, sometimes do not recognize priorities

Why Private Equity/What do you know about middle market PE transactions?

  • Higher multiples nowadays, strong recovery/valuations

Talk to me about a deal on your resume?

  1. Do you intend to pursue a long-term career in the US?

  2. Chicago/New York as major financial centers, more developed financial markets

  3. Incredible opportunity to interact with intelligent people with diverse backgrounds in the US

  4. Better deal flow, more transparency

  5. I can contribute in terms of perspective, multinational insights (works better if interviewing for a firm with international branches)

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