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5 Ways TO dress in an Investment Banking Interview (for Men)

In a previous article, we covered how NOT to dress in investment banking / finance interviews. Today we cover what you can wear to these interviews.

  1. Wear traditionally light colors: These colors include really light shades of blue and grey, and white. Other light colors may be okay, but typically you cannot go wrong with a classic white shirt.

  2. Business Casual means wear a full suit and tie: Better to stay on the safe side and dress-up rather than down.

  3. Have your belt color match your shoe color: You can’t go wrong with this classic principle.

  4. Use a tie clip: This is not essential, but it really adds character and simple structure to your overall look. It is not tacky like a pocket square, but has some (perhaps limited) practical use.

  5. Wear charcoal grey or navy blue: Grey and blue are traditionally business colors while black often suggests a more formal, serious tone (e.g. wedding, funeral).

Basically, everything we have written here follows the conservative rules of GQ. Stay away from the trendy GQ styles (e.g. no socks, or low socks, bright colors, etc.)

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