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Best Sponsorship Companies for International Students Looking to Enter Finance

There have been many times when I attended a career fair, only to realize that my opportunities were severely limited because of my international student status. Many employers do not want the added uncertainty of hiring an international student, because they are not guaranteed permanent working visas.

This article will suggest the main companies that are known to hire international students for full time jobs:

Big 4: The Big 4 accounting firms include Deloitte, Ernst and Young, PwC, and KPMG. These companies are known for their accounting, but they provide advisory services as well that pay relatively well. This is usually the best path for international students

MBB: McKinsey, Bain, and BCG are collectively known as the MBB, the triumvirate of top consulting firms that many people dream of getting into.

2nd Tier Consulting Firms: These consulting companies are pretty good. These include smaller companies that hire top talent, but just do not have a similar global brand when compared to MBBs. Companies in this category include AT Kearney and Deloitte Consulting. Surprisingly, large companies like Accenture do not sponsor.

Asset Management: Companies like Blackrock are known to sponsor international students. The work they do follows market investing, so usually one has to be passionate about financial markets when they choose to work for a large asset manager.

Investment Banking: Many of the Bulge Brackets sponsor. These include companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and more. While some middle market banks like Jefferies sponsors, some like Wells Fargo, Piper, and Stifel do not.

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