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Passion Essay - What to Write!

Many admissions committee members and job recruiters want to get to know their potential employees in person. As a result, many of them ask you about your passions - so that they can gauge whether or not you would be a good fit for their school / job.

Here is a short essay I wrote on my passion for cooking! Happy reading! Hope it helps :D

I am passionate about…

Cooking! I have taken over 80 hours of cooking classes at the San Francisco Cooking School. I love cooking and experimenting with different foods and culinary styles including traditional claypot cooking, curing, pressure cooking, sous vide, and molecular gastronomy.

To me, cooking is about creativity, organization, and empowerment. Cooking is an art because creating the perfect dish requires the delicate balance of textural and temperature variety, all presented in an appetizing way. Because eating starts with the eyes, one has to consider food that is appealing visually and pay attention to the color of the food when creating a dish. We have to make sure all the ingredients are properly cut before we begin cooking a dish - as San Francisco School chefs say, “mize en place” or "everything in its place." Finally, cooking is empowering because it allows me to take charge of what goes into my body. On a deeper level, as consumers we can make choices that support responsible corporations, local farmers, and sustainable seafood. As a fitness enthusiast, I like to make sure that the food I eat is sourced responsibility, nutritious, and tasty.

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