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Success Stories: Nail the Duke Fuqua Essay TODAY!

Pro tip: Be AUTHENTIC!

  1. I make daily plans every morning and weekly plans every Sunday. I always check my to-do lists every day before sleep.

  1. I save money every month and invest a specific percentage of my saved money into stock market.

  1. My mother told me that I had been so good at making purchases and calculating changes since I was only five that every local shopkeeper was familiar with me.

  1. I am totally a morning person. I always classify all my tasks according to the priority and will work on the most challenging part in the morning when my efficiency is at a maximum.

  1. I am always eager to learn new things, and I am a fast learner.

  1. As a member of International Cooperation Foundation, I enjoy brainstorming with my teammates to come up with new events and holding all kinds of activities with foreign students, including Halloween party and Chinese calligraphy competition.

  1. I am very talkative. I love talking to people with different backgrounds and unique experiences. I deem this hobby as an invaluable way to learn from others and improve myself.

  1. I had lived in California for three years, which was a truly memorable time because of the tasty burritos received from my Mexican neighbor, the exciting football matches playing with those lovely Indian kids and the fascinating trip to Yosemite with my Japanese friends.

  1. I love travelling and often do detailed researches on my destinations. If I join GATE at Duke, I would like to share my culture background and my experience in exploring 23 cities in China and five countries in the world.

  1. Among all the places that I have been to, Gatlinberg is my favorite vacation spot in the United States that I will definitely recommend every friend to pay a visit. From haunted house and fairy-tale style of architectures in downtown areas to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountain, I could remember most details in that trip until now.

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