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Success Stories: Stealing Candy from a Baby - John Hopkins University!

Want to say "I go to John Hopkins University?" Books us today to leap towards your dream!

Please find a sample SUCCESSFUL excerpt:

My business idea was to create an online store which would be engaged in the manufacture and sale of sweets made from natural ingredients. In the process of creating a business project, which was rooted in my personal experience, I wanted provide a solution for people such as my grandmother. She ached for diabetes but could not imagine her life without sweets. I thought about the possibility of creating products that would be relatively safe for diabetics, at the same time, would bring pleasure as a result of eating. Before the development of a business project, I analyzed all the necessary inputs to creating candy that was relatively healthy. By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each ingredient, I was able to find out the benefits or harm for people's health after consumption of sweets, as well as diseases that may result from their use. Ultimately, I found that the most appropriate products had to be marmalade made from agar and fruit juice, which are good for health. Business objectives that were set at the end of 6 months include the following: to become a recognizable brand; to win the confidence of consumers; to shape the image of the company that respects its customers, offers them first-class products, and takes care of their health; to create the most comfortable ordering system, payment and delivery of products for buyers, and, finally, to reach the level of receiving regular income.

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