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Success Stories: Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business MSBA! 100% Job Placement Rate?

To good to be true? Here is what the SMU business school pages says for its MSBA graduates

"As high as $135,000 starting salary. Not only did 100% of domestic students have jobs upon graduation, salary and bonuses were well above the national average."

Here is an excerpt from a successful essay. Work with us to get in SMU!

Most people do not overthink the ads they see on their Facebook timeline or Google sidebar. However, I have always been intrigued by how Amazon predicts the perfect gift for my mom, or how Google acts like the soulmate who finishes my sentences. In my Introduction to Information Technology class, I was introduced to the concept of machine learning. During this class, my curiosity with the inner workings of data processing intensified because of the way information could be collected and analyzed empirically to lead to new insights that could revolutionize how we make optimal decisions. My fascination with how data has occupied a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives inspires me to participate in the data revolution and become a data analytics business consultant.

Before deciding to be an analytics consultant, I was passionate in financial analysis and planning (FA&P) and operational finance. From the courses such as management accounting and corporate finance, I have learned how to calculate financial ratios to assess companies’ performance, how to use CVP analysis for decision making and how to use NPV to make investment plans. However, financial models are only as good as the underlying assumptions and the data used as inputs, hence I saw the need to augment the models used in business process through the use of data analytics. The MSBA program at Cox can not only help me learn more about data warehousing, data modeling, data mining and predictive analytics, but also provides me with opportunities to put data under business process context in order to derive insights and offer optimal solutions, bridging my business background to my goal as a data analytics consultant.

To be continued! Book us at TODAY!

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