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Success Stories: Yeehaw! Ride your way to Texas A & M's Mays Business school!

We know Texas A & M or TAMU's undergraduate school is not that selective. However, its Mays Business school and affiliate programs are often in the top 35, with impressive placement statistics. TAMU's May's business school is a great choice if you want to come out employed. For us at GoFurther, careeer placement is paramount, and we highly recommend schools that have traditionally landed their students good jobs!

Here is a sample excerpt from a successful master's essay to TAMU:

However, the night before the election, the president called me and had a very long chat, persuading me to vote for a girl that came from Shenzhen, our hometown. He expressly explained the long-term benefits to me as her family has a strong government background and anyone, especially both of us, who would help her become the president of MUN is bound to receive future assistance from her family. Since our long-term career goals lay in Shenzhen, he felt that it was better to consolidate and add to our future network. Moreover, the sponsor of the ZMUN is the Finance School and this candidate was a student from the Finance School, making it “politically correct” to have another finance major student as President. However, I hesitated because I knew that another girl was more suitable for the job. This other candidate demonstrated outstanding public speaking skills and excellent academic research ability when researching the topics. She was a great writer and always took the lead in writing position papers and draft resolutions while keeping everyone in the team involved. I worked with both students, so I knew the other candidate had stronger leadership skills and the collaborative personality to best handle the power of the President, especially in managing the budget and planning the schedule. In making the decision of endorsement, I had to still take every factor into consideration because what matters is to select a president that benefits the entire MUN organization. I seek a candidate with responsibility, maturity, and diplomatic ability as opposed to one that can give me personal gain and career benefits or even political favors that I do not care about. Presidents will frequently connect with other associations to see how they can collaborate on conferences or training sessions. My alternative to this dilemma was to withhold my endorsement and leave it to the diplomatic process, with both candidates submitting their platforms. This process will ensure equitable voting and a well-informed vote based on the qualifications and merit of each individual in their MUN careers.

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