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BEAST the career essay questions! Confidence, conviction, and direction!!!

In many Master's applications for business schools, universities want to learn more about your goals after graduation. This makes sense - universities care where you find a job and how that will affect the school's employment statistics and prestige. You want to avoid general boiler plate language when you fill these prompts, You need to do research beforehand on the school's top recruiting partners and how a school's location will affect its primary industries where graduates go.

Here is a sample essay:

Immediately after completing the MBA, I aim to work in a strategy or corporate development firm, preferably in an industry that I am passionate about. This includes retail and finance, because my family owns malls and banks, and my exposure to these from a young age have cultivated a deep curiosity for these fields. I am also fascinated by the energy industry, because of my passion and background in geography, as well as its far-reaching implications for almost all sectors of society.

I aspire to be involved with these industries as a management or strategy consultant, because I appreciate its empirical and data-driven nature, as well as the utilization of high-level critical thought in this type of work. I am also very interested in working with firms that have a strong emerging markets presence, as they are the upcoming heavyweights of the global economic landscape: companies such as Dow Chemical, PG&E, Deloitte, and McKinsey are at the top of my list.

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