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Success Stories: Slice the Melon! Acceptance to Carnegie Mellon Data Science! :)

CMU is known to be very quantitative! What better school to make sense of quantitative data than CMU? Enjoy the following success story!

During my gap year after my internship at PwC, I discovered that I wanted to be an analytics consultant because I enjoy working with clients in a wide range of industry fields and love generating insights from a sizeable variety of data. I realized that there were a lot of things that I could not learn within the lecture halls and as such, I am attracted to your program’s experiential learning approach – which allows students to get hand-on learning and training on actual projects. I want to explore areas of technology, corporate finance, operation and health care in order to build a solid foundation for my future career goal of starting my own consulting company. I believe that the social and emotional intelligence skills of out-of-classroom experiences are critical in developing the skills required to succeed in this industry. During my gap year, I undertook the steps required to prepare myself for the BIDA program. I did not have enough programming background so I took the initiative in learning python, R and computer science courses at MOOC. I am excited at the prospect of being able to further explore and master these programs by taking electives such as Python for Analytics, Text Analytics, and Business Intelligence and Data Mining in SAS at CMU. I plan to further explore the diverse courses available are essential in helping me bridge my quantitative accounting background to my goal of becoming a data analytics consultant.

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