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Success Stories: Hopping to Australian National University!

Australia is often an overlooked place to study. While academically, Australia might not be as prestigious for its UK counterparts, the opportunities in Australia are still truly fulfilling!

With all these, I would like to do my part through economics because first, it fascinates me and second, I’ve seen how it can truly make an impact. The latter plays a big factor because economics is not an end itself but a means to an end. For it to have a significant end, I know I need to be sufficiently equipped with my ‘means’ through graduate studies. This would allow me to strengthen my quantitative foundations and hone my analytical skills, which are necessary in upholding integrity and excellence in every economics research. Just like some of the brilliant writers I’ve encountered, I also want to cultivate that skill in unpacking economic phenomena in a way that an average person can understand; that way, it will invite, not deflect, discussions.

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