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Success Stories: Carnegie Mellon Again???

Yes, our results are THAT consistent. CMU is one of our top placement schools and we are very proud of it!

Please see below for successful essay:

CMU’s MSIT program is the perfect program for me because of three primary reasons – the programs focus on consulting, it’s truly innovative practicum capstone project, and the program’s fit with my undergraduate studies, professional experience, and intellectual passions. CMU’s focus on consulting is something that I love because I learn the most by doing. To me, the very hands on learning style will allow me to learn different frameworks and tools that I can use to break down information, analyze the information, and implement a rational and empirically justified course of action. I strongly believe that CMU’s truly innovative practicum capstone project working as a consultant with ebConsultants LLP is an investment in my professional training and is an opportunity that I cannot find elsewhere. Finally, in terms of fit, my past background, coursework, and training is perfect for this program. I have always been interested in the intersection of business and technology, and this program is the best for my interests and future career goals – which is to work in consulting in a large financial institution.

For more information please visit the following website:

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