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Success Stories: Want to study at NY? Rensselaer (RPI) is the place to be for Engineering / Data Sci

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Here is a successful essay for RPI:

Ron DeLegge, a blogger for The Smarter Investor once wrote that “99% of all statistics only tell 49% of the story.” Indeed, statistics can often paint an incomplete picture. As a statistics major, I hope to combine my past knowledge in statistics with big data through a Masters in Informational Systems at Rensselaer in order to create more meaningful analyses in the financial industry and to make available rich quantitative data for public and private investors or services company to use in making more informed decisions.

My interest in math, statistics, and information systems is rooted in my childhood experiences and family background in finance. Both my parents invest in equity for a living and most of my relatives are also occupied in finance, varying from banking jobs to asset management ones. Thus, ever since my childhood I have been curious and passionate about finance with the index and numbers behind and the way investors grow their savings and better plan resources for their future. In my household, I often help my parents find market trends and research stocks for their personal investment portfolios and am truly passionate about researching and finding hidden gems—companies that are undervalued and have strong long-term growth prospects. I grew up in a family that has undergone several huge financial crises since 1992, and my personality has been greatly influenced by characteristics that I have seen in my successful family members—control under pressure, being discreet, and being detailed-oriented with an eye for economic planning.

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