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Success Stories: HookEM! McCombs Essay!

Hook EM!


I hope to concentrate in energy in order to tackle modern challenges of energy sustainability, cost, and reliability. At McCombs, I hope to enroll in the “Energy Finance” and “Decision and Risk Analysis in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production”, which will broaden my understanding of current and upcoming energy issues. I hope to create and engage startups, such as HiGi Energy, whose products convert water hyacinth and agricultural waste into cooking energy for low-income communities. Starting an energy startup like HiGi will contribute to increasing awareness on sustainable energy alternatives and make such cutting-edge technology accessible to the masses. I plan to participate in the McCombs Entrepreneurship Society and work with students of diverse backgrounds to further my interests in the energy space. At McCombs, I do not just want to brainstorm ideas, I want to implement them, particularly those that relate to the inefficiencies I have encountered at work and from living in a developing country.

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