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Success Stories: Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business!

Want to go to Ohio???

Ohio State is an excellent choice! Please find sample essay attached!

Adjusting to a new, foreign environment upon arriving in France for study is the most difficult situation that I have confronted to date. As I had always been in a monoethnic environment in China, I was confused when I saw that there were 8 nationalities in my class the first day of school. Although their citizenships were different, there did not seem to be any barriers hindering them from communication because they all spoke fluent French. They also talked in a direct but friendly manner, with a constant air of ease and confidence. Having grown up in a culture that appreciates modesty and reserve, I was not used to expressing my ideas in such a way, and being pushed to do so with my then broken French did not make the situation easier. I then became afraid of doing group work, because I was asked for my opinions in their distinctive candor and confidence, to which I could only give a reluctant reply. My group members grew disappointed in me and I was thus excluded as if I was transparent.

To be continued - learn how the client turned things around by emailing us at!

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