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Success Stories: John Hopkins University!

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It may be surprising to hear from a business school student who is keen on finance, but I did not always have a positive view on the subject. When studying various types of derivatives and hedging strategies, I was amazed by their cleverness and creativity but also felt their speculative characteristic as an unfair reaping without sowing. When studying accounting rules, I appreciated their prudence and accuracy but also regarded them as needlessly engaging with the trivialities of money. However, when my friends and I founded the TEDxUIBE organization and stepped into the NGO field, I found these prejudices unsustainable, and ultimately, debunked. I discovered that most justice-driven leaders of NGOs led financially unsustainable lives, which was attributable to mediocre money management skills, such as being unconscious of cash flows or budget development concepts. I then recognized that doing charity successfully requires far more than a benevolent heart; an effective knowledge of finance is an essential tool to reconcile idealism with realism.

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