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Success Stories - Masters in Robotics / Computer Science!

Do you like C3PO? R2D2? BB8? Who doesn't? Apply to a Masters in Robotics so you can help make the Star Wars robots come to life!

Here is a sample essay that successfully got into several top 20 US and Canada programs.

This time, I decide to listen to my heart. As a seasoned research student, I am used to thinking logically and rationally, and almost every major decision I have ever made has come from my head instead of my heart—until now. In addition to my mind deliberately deciding on pursuing UC Berkeley’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences program, my heart has been the major driving force during the application process. Whether it was growing up fascinated with R2D2 and C3PO more than the Skywalkers, or seeing how affordable robotics improved the daily tasks of the low-income community I come from, I love robotics because of its transformative power in changing people’s daily lives – from mobile phones, cars, to personal computers – robotics has the most potential in making a positive difference in the way society operates. I am confident because of my academic potential and internal motivation to excel in computational science and engineering, as demonstrated in the relevant coursework I have taken and outside my transcripts in several entrepreneurial and research projects.

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