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Success Stories: Fishing at Lake Erie? Case Western University Masters Program!

Learn how to get in Case Western today!

Here is an excerpt from a successful essay for Data Science / Business Analytics:

I always wondered how stereotypes came to be. Growing up, I often heard my parents and teachers say that girls are not as good as boys in mathematics. Whenever I received higher math scores in homework, quizzes, and exams than most boys in middle school, people commented that boys would soon outrun me in high school. However, things never turned out as they predicted. While I never truly believed in the stereotypes that labeled me, these gender stereotypes occasionally discouraged me. I never believe I can finish my own program like the boys did until I ran the VBA code on my computer using Dijkstra algorithm to calculate the shortest path between two points in a graph. My experience with stereotypes really piqued my interest in data – in business world it is inevitable that people hold traditional stereotypes towards daily issues, which results in inappropriate judgments overlooking a number of other influencing factors, thus I want to find out the empirical credibility and basis for stereotypes using advanced data analytics methods to help create better decision-making and insights on my business career path.

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