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Success Stories: Masters at Carnegie Mellon!

Please see below for a successful application. We have worked with many students to get into CMU and have successfully placed more than 5 into their quantitative based programs!

At Berkeley, I gained experience in applied machine learning and data analytics. The Yelp map project I did for one of my data science classes combined my knowledge of Python and my ability to work with a diverse team to make a product that projects the “taste preferences” of specific person. I analyzed data points such as a person’s geography, ethnicity, and places reviewed to map a taste preference for users. Through this experience, I learned how machine learning can be used to predict real word scenarios in business. The semester-long MISM project, such as the one with CVS Pharmacy, will complement my prior experiences very well and provide me with new, innovative tools to analyze various datasets. These projects are aligned with my goal of building my skillset and applying it to real world scenarios, particularly in the tech and retail spaces. These projects are key to developing my technical and managerial skills. I hope to offer my diverse experiences to enrich the campus community and further develop my talents through the MISM course. The Heinz MISM program will allow me to develop a rigorous understanding of the foundations and applications of data science in industry and business.

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