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From Science to Business! How to change tracks successfully!

Too bad, sometimes we are not sure what we want and need to pivot directions to get to our new goals. See how this person made a compelling case:

My academic background is rich, and places me in a unique position. As a physics major with high performance—having won a New Year Excellence Award, given to the top 1% of students at my university—I have had access to advanced level theoretical mathematics but was also tasked to apply these to practical contexts. For example, as a member of the Superconducting Physics and Research Materials Centre research team, I applied material science concepts to calculate and test oxide superconductors performance in high temperatures. While this was a fulfilling experience, I felt that this kind of work was too far removed from the lives of most people. Recognizing the ubiquity of quantitative and empirical analyses in economics and finance—aspects of society that has a strong impact on the everyday quality of life of almost all people—I decided that switching to these fields would be more rewarding.

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