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Cox cox cox! Get into SMU Cox! - Essay Excerpt!

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When making decisions, my confusion is greatest when facing uncertainties in the mundane issues of daily life, such as which brand of milk to buy, or whether to go outside when it is raining. Even in everyday matters, I appreciate having a standard or principle to follow, and it is difficult to do so—right now, even a little silly—when choosing between brands of clothing. This is why I am happiest when I am submerged in the world of statistical research: the solid numerical results and empirical results returned by such a field is persuasive, logically reliable, and comprehensive. I realized, however, when I attended a conference hosted by the CEO of Tencent, Ma Huateng, that with the emergence of “Internet Plus Industries,” statistics will probably seep into even everyday matters. We are already seeing the emergence of personalized medicine, with patient health indices and recommended medicines being produced on the foundations of Big Data. Likewise, personal banking applications track market trends and give dynamic investment reports on an individual basis. One day, there will come a time where even the choice of a banana for breakfast will be based on data analytics and statistics, and I hope to be there at the forefront to welcome that era. To be a part of that future, I wish to extend my studies in statistics at Southern Methodist University’s MS in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics, where there is a similar recognition of the everyday prominence of statistics.

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