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University of Chicago Public Policy!

Our founder went to University of Chicago - so will many of our clients!

I see myself getting involved in the city of Chicago, using my data analytics skills in the financial and educational planning spaces in the city. This involvement is motivated by my prior experiences in data analysis where I worked on efficient data collection and analysis. I learned Python and used the software to better organize data from government and do various data visualizations. In my project, we were assigned to design a small project focusing on the Texas Justice Department, where I learned the guidelines for finding open data about policy. I then used the dataset from the ‘Texas Justice Initiative’ to collect data recording every death incident in police, jail or prison custody or as a result of force. First, I downloaded raw data from the ‘Texas Justice Initiative’, but it was disorganized. I used Python to filter the data and started to focus on the death rate in the Justice department of Texas based on race. I thought deeply on how to improve accuracy and finally found that I should filter the data based on causes: natural death and others, such as death caused by use of force by police. To accomplish this, I used data on population change based on race from the Texas demographics center to calculate the appropriate ratio. Finally, I used data analysis to prove that black people have a much higher death rate caused by force compared to white and Hispanic populations. This process opened my eyes on how to use data analysis to depict interesting trends in the community and how to organize government data to create insights on possible policy solutions. I hope to use my experience and the tools I learn at Harris to analyze the finances and educational system of the city of Chicago and provide novel policy solutions.

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