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Baller Essay Intros!

The intro below is awesome. Period.

In the 21st century, we will have to either mitigate, adapt, or suffer from climate change, but it is up to us to manage the ratio among these choices. I strongly believe that the opportunity to mitigate climate change and make a difference to businesses, economic development, and environmental sustainability through energy is significant. Back home in Vietnam, I have noticed that traffic, pollution, and energy related issues (brown-outs, water constraints, high cost of produce, etc.) lead to lengthy commutes between short distances, increased damage to respiratory systems, and the inability to perform key household functions. At The McCombs School, I will have the power to combine my geography training with business management to further environmental sustainability in my home country. With my interdisciplinary background, I see myself collaboratively learning and leading at McCombs in the field of sustainable energy by engaging in emerging market entrepreneurship, global strategy, and experiential learning.

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